parsunAt Parson Outboard Motor and Engine Co., we pass on the savings from our innovative and streamlined marketing program to our end customers. At Parsun Outboard Motor and Engine Co., you can save up to 40% on quality 2 stroke and 4 stroke outboards, high quality electric outboard motors, electrical generators and other Parsun products, which exceed all EPA standards, and are EPA and European CE certified. We offer Parsun Outboard Motors (Parsun Outboards) at a much lower cost than other major brands, such as Mercury Outboard Motors and Tohatsu/Nissan Outboard Motors, as well Parsun Outboards offers prices less expensive than Yamaha Outboards, Suzuki Outboards or Evinrude Outboard Motors.

Parsun is a leading high quality manufacturer of outboard marine engines, small to mid-range 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines, the world’s third largest manufacturer of four stroke electrical generators, water pumps, engine parts and related equipment. For many years, Parsun has produced mid-range outboard motors with a line of high quality two and four stroke outboard series ranging from 2.6hp to 40hp. Parsun Electric Outboard Motors are unequalled in electric outboard motor technology. Parsun Electric Outboards are available in tiller control electric outboard models or remote control with long or short shaft electric outboard models.

Parsun Outboards, in stringent independent European testing evaluations, Parsun Outboards tied for second place rated against all major world outboard motor brands. Here are some excerpts from Kippari Magazine in Finland: “Kippari took Honda, Mercury, Parsun, Selva/Yamaha, Tohatsu and Suzuki on a test. Selva and Yamaha are nearly the same engine.” FINAL RESULTS: “All outboards were good and they didn’t have big technical differences between each other.” “The most expensive was Honda, 2700 Euros, and the cheapest was Parsun with its ‘last summer’ offer 1499 Euros. The difference between the price is over 1000 Euros.” (Parsun is approximately half the cost). “We question that are there too many distributors between the factory and the end user who take the end user’s money” “New Parsun and Honda shared second place together. Parsun was the fastest in our test (shared with Tohatsu), and Parsun was the best in acceleration. It (Parsun) is also economic in price. The price is very important to the end user. Suzuki, Selva and Mercury shared the last place.”

Parsun Outboard Motors are available in both long and short shaft models, with outstanding features, including manual and electric start remote control options. Each Parsun Outboard major component part is tested and retested to ensure quality. Each Parsun Outboard Motor model series has been tested for a minimum of 500 hours at the Parsun factory. In addition, every Parsun marine engine is thoroughly tested to ensure quality and trouble free operation for our distributors, dealers and end customers. At Parsun, only superior quality materials are used, such as the highest quality marine grade aluminum, and each outboard is given two layers of undercoating and three layers of top coat for a perfect, durable hand-rubbed finish.

Parsun Outboards 2008 outboard motors may be parts compatible and interchangeable with other major brands. After your warranty period, if you should have a need, you can choose between buying your parts elsewhere or purchase from Parsun and save up to 50% on your Parsun Outboard Motor parts and accessories. Parsun Outboards offers all outboard engine parts at far less cost than other outboard motor manufacturers.

At Parsun Outboards, all major dealers carry a minimum of spare outboard parts inventory, if a problem should arise, to guarantee prompt customer service and warranty response. Your authorized Parsun Outboard Distributor offers a 1 year or 2 year limited factory warranty depending on your outboard model and location.

At Parsun Outboards, we know that you need a quality outboard motor for trouble free outings. Whether you are out fishing, boating, or just exploring rivers, lakes or oceans, or whatever leisure or commercial use, Parsun has the small to mid-range two stroke or four stroke outboard for you. Reliable, smooth, quiet running and economical.

Parsun Outboard Motors is now one of the fastest growing outboard names in the global marine industry, in USA/United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, South Africa, Asia and worldwide!

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